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Dos And Don’ts Of Email Marketing

A lot of business owner faces different challenges when it comes to promoting their business through email marketing but in this article we are going to be talking or discussing about the Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing.

Small business owners know the business the best, they understand the passion behind it, they understand the products, and they have built a foundation for their business throughout their working experience. So, has they set for email marketing, you allow them to understand the rudiment behind email marketing before setting the mail to the end users (Customers). What you as a business owner need to do is to have the clue on the processes involved in setting up your email marking.

Know How to Get the Emails Address from Prospective Clients: Knowing how to get your email address is one of the main techniques you need to have. Some business owners can get their email address from client through conversation or from their website. Website is a great tool for email marketing; it helps to get your email addresses and it also aids relationship with clients who want your services. On your website, you will need to have a place where people can easily subscribe for a newsletter or signup with an email address.
Set-Up an Expectation: You can take the chance to set an expectation of what they are going to receive from you. Maybe, they are signing up for a news-letter and when they will be receiving it, once or twice in a week or month. And you might wants to collect their first name and last name, and the reason for that is to have a clear strategy of what is going into your email office.

Once you have collected their mail address, ideally the next thing to do is to make sure you are doing what is called OPTIN or DOUBLE-OPTIN.

DOUBLE-OPTIN means you have received the email addresses and you are going to send a secondary email and they have to open the email for confirmation. This will help to eradicate spam behaviour.

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