What is Domain Name?

Think of a domain like you address where people can locate you. A domain name is your website name such as google.com, Ogadweb.com, nairaland.com, webpadi.com e.t.c. A domain name is used for identifying computers online

What is Hosting?

Web hosting is more like a computer that helps organisation or an individuals to put a web page online. A web host service provider is a service that is render by an organisation using technologies needed for the webpage to be seen online

What is Content Management System?

Content management system which is also known as CMS, is a software that helps to create and management content within the webpage without the knowledge on coding or programming language. Simple, CMS helps you to build website without coding.

Getting a brand is very important when it comes to creating a website that can actually promote your business at an affordable and cheapest price. How can you get a website company that can give you what you want at an affordable price? Ogadweb has been in the game of providing cheapest and affordable website for many years

eCommerce means electronic commerce, this is the process of buying and selling of goods or services and making payment or transferring of data to complete the transactions. eCommerce can also help in any kind of commercial trading.

Promoting your business is very important at the first stage of the business and also as the business grows. The following are the tools you need to brand your business.

The tools are: Website, Social Media and Digital Marketing to start with.

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