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Most countries are in recession due to pandemic that hit the world but some businesses are still making sales while others have crashed. Recently, Elon Musk became the world richest person and we’re still in recession. So let’s talk about growing your own business:

  1. Write Contents:

    you can never go wrong with contents. Content writing is more than just stories, but by writing about your business, by describing what your business is about. Choose specific keywords that goes with your business. Put images or videos to attract the eyes.

  2. Advertise:

    ads are not just writing certain words, there are steps to making great ads like making a good ads campaign. A digital marketer will know more about this because they are trained to do this.

  3. Use the necessary social media:

    you should know that not all social medias are posting certain business. You want to grow more, use LinkedIn, Facebook not just people on whats’app status.

  4. Create offers and promotions (discounts):

    Don’t just add new prices everyday, sometimes cut prices, do giveaway, promote other businesses, gift out products or offer services for free.


    As a business owner, your job is to focus on that which is making sales, leave the marketing to a professional like Ogad Technology Solutions. You can’t do it alone, you need to focus on making sales. A digital marketer’s job is to bring more customers by putting your business out there through certain ways.


All of the above and more are things we help with at OGAD TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS Akure, Ondo State Nigeria, we also offer other services like Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Solar Inverter Installation, CCTV Installation and Training.

Oya no dulling, click on the links below to chat with us and get your business booming

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