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Great Email Marketing Strategy

A great email marketing strategy is going to have a lot of different component. When preparing for your email marketing the following are what you need to put in mind.
1. Pre-send Message: The pre-send message is very important because this will determine whether the recipient is interested in what you are promoting or not. Whenever you are sending your mail the following questions should boil in mind;
• what is the content you want to put in your marketing email?
• What is the message you are trying to send to the end users?
• What brand are you trying to promote?
• Do you have a logo you want to incorporate inside the content or a static image?
• Do you have an idea how frequent you want to be sending the message to the end user?
• Are you going to be bringing in coupons or things that will be compiling to the end users?
• Are you aware when people click and open the email and next thing to do?
The above questions are what you need to find an answer to in order to have a strategy that works. Strategy is very important but it is better to define your strategy and understand your strategy; from this point you can now start making decisions.
2. The second phase of your strategy is everything that happens after your pre-send message. So when you click send and let assumed you have an email list of 400 people and you click on send and the mail has gone to different email provider such as Gmail, yahoo mail, hotmail and all the major ISP provider; you want to know once you have sent the mail that it will get to their mail inbox. So you don’t have to be so technical before you understand the rules behind it. They are some basic rules that will guide you on that; so that the email will get into their inbox. For more details contact Ogadweb Nigeria or Call Aaron: 08166189144
3. Avoiding Email going into the Spam: If you are putting in spam content or sending email that has nothing to do with your business or putting subject that are very spamming. A lot of bad things can happen for doing something like that, so to avoid that you need to grow your mail listing by collecting email addresses from people you have personal relationship with or getting their email by signing up for it from you website.
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