How To Backup Your Website Using Wpvivid Backup Plugin

Backing up your website is very important after a long work designing and developing a website for yourself or for a client, to make sure that the website remain intact and it is essential that this should be done automatically. With a contant backup of your site you will be able to stay focus and put your attention on how to grow your business and not the security of your website. In this article, I will be introducing you to a plugin called WPvivid Backup.

WPvivid Backup is a wordpress backup plugin that is hundred percent free. It is easy to use; with just a click you can backup your website in a second. It also comes with one-click restoration. With the help of the plugin you can easily move your website from one hosting to another and also you can easily clone a site, all in just a click.

The plugin has been optimised to work with any hosting. One of the reason why I recommend this plugin to you is that, it provides you to backup your website data to cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, Digital Ocean Spaces. Amazon, FTP, Microsoft OneDrive and so on.
WPvivid Backup helps you to move your wordpress website from dev environment to a live server or from one server to another or from a hosting to another hosting. The plugin also give the function of downloading your website to your system and save it somewhere save.

FEATURES OF WPvivid Plugin
• Backup and Restore
• Schdule
• Auto-Migration
• Remote Storage
• Settings
• Debug
• Logs
• Key
• Premium
• MainWP

I recommend you take a regular backup of your website; the following are the reasons for my recommendation due to my experience as a website designer.

• Update can go wrong: Themes and plugin require regular updates and some time this might go wrong and cause your website to break.
• You could miss a Payment: Maybe you forget to renew your website and this could lead to removing your website from your hosing company.
• Getting Hacked
• Things just happen: Random errors can come and make your website to crash or break. So it is a good idea to backup your website.

Go through the plugin and feel free work with it. For more info on the plugin visit:

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