materials needed for solar-inverter installations

Materials Needed for Solar-Inverter Installations: Making Renewable Do-able.

This article will list all the materials needed to get your solar-inverter systems installed using one of our clients installation as a case study.

We are at Mr. Adetayo’s house in Akure, Ondo State installing 5kva inverter system powered by Gennex with 13 solar- panels each of 300watts adding up to be 1.9kilowats power.  The system was designed to power everything in his house including 1 horse power inverter AC, a freezer, washing machine, 4 television sets and bulbs.

The following are the materials needed for the installation:

  • 5kva Inverter
  • 13Solar Panels
  • 4Batteries
  • 16mm DC cable
  • 6mm or 4mm cable (2core)(red and black)
  • 5mm cable (green and yellow)
  • Seal Tape
  • Flashband
  • Flet
  • Strew (bolts and Nuts)
  • Clip Washer
  • Cable tie
  • Tornado Nails
  • Cable Lock (16mm)
  • Spiral Pipe
  • DC Breaker (125Amps)
  • Breaker Housing
  • Changeover Breaker (63amps)
  • Battery Rack
  • Trunk
  • Top Dividers (Aluminium Rails)

During the installation the top dividers was first laid on the roof to prevent a direct contact of the solar panel to the roof. Then the solar panel are been put on the top divider as shown in the pictures below.

You can get all this materials from us at Ogad Technological Solutions.

For you solar-inverter system installations and power audit in Nigeria you can contact Ogad Technological Solutions where we Make Renewable Energy Do-able and Affordable.


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