OgadTech Team at Okitipupa, Ondo State


The solar installation was carried out by Ogad Technological Solutions team. It was done in the Kabiyesi compound very close to INEC Office in Okitipupa.

The installation involves 3KVA/24V Inverter system with two 200AHMS batteries of 12volts, also six 250watts panels making a total of 1.5kWattsPower.

Installation at Okitipupa, Ondo State

The inverter model name is Gennex Axpert, the inverter Maximum Solar Voltage(VOC) is 145VDC.

3KVA Inverter

Installation at Okitipupa, Ondo Stat1E

The panel model name is RestarSolar, Rated maximum power (Pmax) is 250Watts with an Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) of 37.98V.

250Watts Restar Panel

Looking at the Maximum Solar Voltage VOC of the inverter 145VDC makes us to connect our panel in series per three so that the solar connection voltage won’t be more what the inverter  can take (that is: 37.98*3 = 113.94(when the three panels are connected in series)

Series connection of PV Module at Okitipupa, Ondo State

which is even below the inverter maximum solar voltage(VOC) of 145VDC), this is to prevents the solar array from burning the inbuilt MPPT charge controller. Check the diagram below for the connection.

The batteries are connected in series to make 24V of the inverter system.

The system will power an LG TV, a Freezer during the DAY and Lighting Points.

For more information:
Whatsapp/Call: 08166189144
Website: https://ogadweb.com/ogad-solar/

Written By: Oduwaye Aaron Olugbade

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